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Official SiteIMDb • Written, Directed, & Edited by Jordan Daniel Chesney • Starring Mark Scarboro, Rachel St. Gelais, Brett Gentile, & Tom Scott • Executive Producers: Topher Grant & Jordan Daniel Chesney • Director of Photography: Kip Kubin • Original Score by Neil DeGraide





Official SiteIMDb • Writer, Director, Cinematographer, Editor, & FX Artist: Jordan Daniel Chesney • Starring Alina Phillips (aka Thumbelina) • Original Music by David LaChance Jr. • Music Mixing by Neil DeGraide • Special Thanks: Luke RandallDaniel Woiwode, Charles Pieper, & Chris Crutchfield • Shot on the Digital Bolex





Directed, Filmed, & Edited by Jordan Daniel Chesney • IMDb • Artwork • Full Credits • Principle Photography by Jordan Daniel Chesney • I do not own the rights to “Timpani” by Alexandre Desplat, or the footage from “102 Minutes: The Attack on WTC (Part 1 & Part 2)”, and the U.S. combat footage from Afghanistan.




It Comes It Goes SoundCloud_25 

Written & Produced by Jordan Daniel Chesney DRESSIN LIKE A PASTOR EP Coming 2016



Be My Husband (Remix) SoundCloud_25 

“Be My Husband” by Nina Simone  •  Remix by Jordan Daniel Chesney



Better (Demo) SoundCloud_25 

Demo by Jordan Daniel Chesney • DRESSIN LIKE A PASTOR EP Coming 2016




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